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Lenore is a visual artist who creates work informed by her Syrian Jewish heritage. She has worked as an artist and producer since earning a BA in art from Brooklyn College in 2009. An internationally exhibited, published and collected artist, Lenore’s work has been displayed in solo and group shows in the US, Italy, Amsterdam, Canada and Israel. Her series Worry Flowers is currently on view at the Jewish Museum of Lecce, Italy. In 2021, she created and produced the group show Maktoub to bring together Hebrew and Arabic calligraphers from the UAE and Israel in Jerusalem. She is currently based in NYC.


Lenore’s work is primarily based in Arabic calligraphy. For each project, other mediums that best express the underlying concept are also used. This often includes painting, paper cut, or working with light on transparent materials.


As a person raised in a community of immigrants, Lenore is most interested in making work about the effects of forced migration and assimilation on the generations that come after. Many people like this are not very aware of their own history and what they lose in a rush to leave it behind. Her art expresses appreciation of her Syrian heritage, ensuring that the cultural overlap she represents doesn't disappear. Another essential element is giving voice to the Arab Jewish outlook on life and interpersonal relationships, something that has historically been missing, overlooked and marginalized in discourse about Jews in general. There is a glaring misconception in the way they are portrayed, lines that have been drawn that Arab Jews don't fit inside of. Lenore’s work draws attention to who they are, rather than talking about who they are not.


She is also concerned with simply noticing things. Lenore espouses critical thinking and constant re-evaluation of herself and her lived experience. This is a vital ingredient for positive change, and she creates things which give form to this notion and encourage it in others. She has also created work about mental health and contemporary societal values. These are always examined through the lens of her heritage and history.


All of these feature prominently in bodies of work created by interviewing refugees, going through community photographic archives and artifacts, and drawing from traditional and religious texts. Lenore’s work utilizes the lessons and visual language of the past, bringing these together and giving them visual expression.

See artworks as they’re being created on instagram @LenoreCohen. 

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