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Fine Art+Graphic Design


"Lenore collaborated with me to help my vision become a reality. She was professional, easy to work with and flexible to accommodate my needs. She worked with my short deadlines and came up with drafts in-line with what we discussed during our meetings, helping to save time and frustration. I highly recommend her to anyone for her graphic design work and ideas."

Beth Warren, Nutritionist

"I've purchased 2 Lenore Cohen original pieces. Twelve Bubbles hangs above my bed....and it is absolutely perfect. Flower the main focus of our living room. It's the first thing people see when they walk in.... Everyone always comments on how beautiful our artwork is. I'm so proud to call them my own!"

Renata Lavach-Savy, Mary Kay Director

"What's great about Lenore is she listens, cares, is attentive and fair. She is very able and capable to set trends with work she does on her own every day, but is also extremely able to relate to the customers who commission her work. After seeing her passion for design and color, I commissioned Lenore to work on several very specific projects... EVERY person that saw them and still sees them think they are "So Cool". Being an Interior Designer and Artist myself It is very hard for me to relinquish control of Design, but somehow, these felt so much like part of my space and totally captured the essence of my style and personality...when I took my own Apartment I was quick to pick up 2 more Drawings which are hanging in my living room...and had my go to artist work with me on a coffee table top which is one of a kind, looks and feels like I paid a fortune for it and completely fits into my space seamlessly. Once my brother and sister in law move into their new apartment, Lenore has the green light to create something special for them as a wedding present...considering that my spaces were enhanced so much by some of her amazing artwork, it was a no brainer...when we get there I am sure she will impress me as she always does."

Morris Schweky, Owner, S+M Stitches and Interior Designer

"Working with SBH can be a challenge, getting dozens of people to agree on a design is never easy and almost always means tight deadlines. I have worked with Lenore multiples times and she always has creative and unique ideas, making our Tshirts and uniforms stand out and look amazing.... Hundreds of people have proudly worn her artwork and received endless compliments on our signature SBH designs. Lenore is always a pleasure to work with and her designs one of a kind."

Jack Anteby, Graphic Design Client

"I have been photographing and documenting Lenore's fine art work for a couple years now and am often wowed (I have even accepted some art as payment). Her work is very imaginative....she is a pleasure to work with and....goes above and beyond to accommodate custom jobs and special orders."

-Victor Gindi, Photographer

"Lenore's artwork adds the perfect modern touch to my house without my needing to fully redecorate! The pieces that I have bought add that subtle flair, which compliments the existing decor. A true one of a kind!"

Ariella Falack, Collector

"Lenore did some amazing work for me. Initially, I retained Lenore's services to create some art for a room I had redesigned. The art still hangs there. Once I started my solo practice, Lenore designed my logo, advertisements, business cards....Lenore is my go-to for all my art needs... She is an amazing and creative talent."

-David C. Faham, Esq. P.C.

"Lenore's artwork is, in a word, inspirational. Her creative talent extends to so many different tastes & techniques, she can create just about anything and even more amazingly, has thought up original designs that you can't help but admire for their sheer uniqueness. She has a way of combining the usual with the unusual, the common with the uncommon, the opaque with the mysterious, that will never cease to amaze."

Miriam Savdie, Collector

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