A collaborative project with photographer Raquel Mizrachi


Since 1948, over 850,000 Jews have been expelled from countries across the Middle East. Millenia-old communities were erased in the space of one generation. Lives uprooted, property stolen, and families spread across continents, these refugees were forced to abandon their previous lives and build new ones. The effects of this mass expulsion on the refugees, their descendants and the course of Jewish history as a whole are incalculable. 

    This series highlights the stories of individual Jewish refugees from Islamic countries. The artworks represent the past and current lives of each person interviewed. The "past" photographs are of the few (or sometimes singular) objects the person was able to bring with them after leaving their origin country. Laid over the image is a list of the objects, places and people they were forced to leave behind. The "current" photographs do the same, illustrating important parts of the person's life as it is now.

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