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Lenore is a conceptual artist currently based in NYC. She's worked as an artist and producer since earning a BA in art from Brooklyn College in 2009. Internationally exhibited and collected, Lenore’s work has been presented in solo and group shows in the US, Italy, Amsterdam, Canada and Israel. She and her work have been published in books, scholarly journals, newspapers and featured in radio and television interviews.

Lenore's work is heavily influenced by her Syrian Jewish heritage. Her generation, children of immigrants, are the inheritors of a 2,000 year old Middle Eastern culture which was only recently transplanted to a Western country. Her art is concerned with examining this confluence of cultures. There’s an inherent dichotomy to an East-meets-West upbringing which encourages constant re-evaluation of cultural perceptions and relationships. The unique worldview of this community is a springboard from which to create work about broader issues.

Using Arabic calligraphy, embroidery, paper cut, and light, Lenore creates work about mental health, self perception, consumerism, and what place one’s heritage has in their everyday life. Lenore is also interested in making work about forced migration and its effect on the generations that come after. Her art expresses appreciation of her roots, ensuring that the cultural overlap she exists within doesn’t disappear.

Her work On Home and Disappearance is currently on view at the Museo Ebraico of Lecce, Italy. Another work, Will I Find My Peace, is on display at the Jewish Museum of Vienna. In 2021, she created and produced the group show Maktoub, bringing together Hebrew and Arabic calligraphers from the UAE and Israel to exhibit in Jerusalem. Upcoming shows include a solo show with the 2024 Jerusalem Biennale, a group show at the Jewish Museums of Vienna and Berlin, and a solo show with the Museo Ebraico until 2025.

See artworks as they’re being created on instagram @LenoreCohen.

Contact Lenore to schedule a studio visit in Brooklyn. 

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