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2020, Mixed Media (Cut paper, Drawing, Calligraphy), 9x12"


Works about the nighttime thoughts that give us no rest, in the dark, when there are no distractions or places to hide from our own worries. Each poses a question, cut into the paper to form a symmetrical font. On the reverse side of each letter is an answer, yes or no, repeated insistently in handwritten calligraphy. These are not what the true answers to the questions are, but rather what we fear them to be. The complementary colors and symmetrical font contribute to the two-faced nature of these questions and the way in which they can easily switch between yes and no. The grid of 20 artworks is displayed in a dark room and lit with fluorescent lights, emphasizing the garish, inescapable nature of our inner thoughts. The bright colors, usually associated with fun, become circuslike, mocking and impossible to ignore. Lockdown and quarantines brought on by Covid-19 created a seemingly endless night, putting us alone with ourselves and forced to confront the carousel of our thoughts and flaws. What we worry about in these times is a mirror into our true selves. Now that it’s been brought to light, each of us are compelled to find the way forward out of our own anxieties. 


These artworks were included in the online show At Home, presented by the women's artist collective Studio Of Her Own.

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