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Ink on Paper, 2020-Ongoing.

An important feature of Arabic language and culture, phrases (Al’Amthal) like these are used commonly in everyday speech. Some are shared across regions, others are specific to their own dialect and include nuanced and unique grammatical features.

Drawn from a collection of Judaeo-Arabic phrases used in the Syrian Jewish community of Aleppo and Damascus, the phrases presented here are largely no longer in use by the community itself. After a forced relocation to the US after 2,000 years in Syria, the contemporary Syrian Jews’ language has largely assimilated into English. Using these phrases in artworks is the artist’s way to connect with her heritage and ensure that they aren’t forgotten altogether

These phrases were also used in a series of 22 spray painted murals on the streets of Jerusalem, created during a residency with ArtBnb (see under Street Art). They will be featured in a solo show as part of the Jerusalem Biennale in November 2023.

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